The times they are a'changing...

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As someone once said, "the only constant is change". This past week has been a perfect example of that.

The most obvious change for me occurred this morning when I entered the shop and experienced the absence of Bestow, our in-house floral shop.

Nyki (Bestow) has decided to move back to Southern Oregon where she originally came from. She's accepted a position in a flower shop in Ashland and I'm sure will re-invent Bestow once she gets settled and we wish her nothing but the best in this new endeavor.

Her plants and flowers added such a welcoming element to the shop and to see it all gone this morning was a bit of a shocker. However, we're already discussing ideas on re-creating that feel and adding some additional seating at the same time.

Meanwhile, we're going into what looks to be a beautiful weekend. We'll be prepared with plenty of fresh roasted organic and fair trade coffees and delectable sandwiches and treats.

Speaking of which, we have some new selections in the way of food items. Delicious berry pies from Mee Mee's Goodies, perfect for sharing and are the perfect pick-me-up for a late afternoon snack. And coming soon... Columbia Gorge Organic Juices! 

Meanwhile, thanks so much for your on-going patronage and keep the coffee flowing!

Mount & Crew

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Coffee martini anyone?

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A couple weeks ago I mentioned I was "no party planner" and geesh, was that ever the truth. Things for the grand opening/first-year anniversary celebration are coming together nicely but what a busy week it's been.

One of the fun aspects was doing a sampling of various recipes for the coffee martinis. Wow! These are SO GOOD! Dangerously good! Given the fact I'm a former photographer. I think a visual is always important. Solely for illustrations purposes, I just made a batch of the martinis so a photo could be included. Of course, we couldn't waste them so... However, if martinis are not your thing, don't worry. There will be other options as well.

I realized early this morning that there's no way the shop can remain open until 5pm tomorrow and expect to begin the party at 6pm so, we're going to close an hour earlier so we'll have enough time to get everything set up and ready to roll.

By the way, during the hours of the party, we will not be serving espresso beverages, selling coffee beans or anything else. Tomorrow evening is for festivities only. Drip coffee will be available for consumption for anyone who desires but it will be complimentary.

I would like to welcome our newest member to our team. Well, so-to-speak. We upgraded our coffee brewer this past week to try to better keep up with demand for drip coffee during those busy times and it is proving to work splendidly. 

We received our new logo hoodies yesterday. They have already proven to be very popular and are perfect for these cool mornings. They're soft and cozy and have a new stylized version of our logo on the back. Pick one up next time you're in. They're only $40.

Another addition has been made to our list of tea offerings. We now have a very delicious jasmine tea available. It's very refreshing; fruity with some very nice floral notes.

I think that's it for this week. We're very excited about the party tomorrow night and hope you will join us. Show up and enter the give-away for various coffee items. Everything from bags of coffee, t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, etc. Here's another link to Dina y los rumberos, the band who will be performing to give you a taste of what will be happening tomorrow night.

Many many thanks,

Mount & Crew

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One week and counting to our Grand Opening Celebration!

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Greetings Everyone,

As we approach our grand opening celebration next week, things are coming together and it's getting very exciting. The name of the band is Dina y los rumberos who I heard about a year ago at an outdoor festival and felt from the get-go they would provide the festive music I wanted for our grand opening. I just watched a video of the band on YouTube and I think it's going to be a lot of fun. Check them out for yourself. I hope you can join us. 

We will be doing a give-away the night of the party so be sure to be here and get your name in the pot. Prizes will include t-shirts, coffee, coffee delivery service and other assorted items.

 When we remodeled the shop last year, as with any project of the sort, there were a  few lingering things that hadn't been completed. Last week I finally completed the  shelves for our selection of pour-over coffees which illustrates the concept of us being  all about "options". :) So many coffees, so few days.

As many have experienced, when one goes to sign their name on the iPad finalizing  their purchase, it's often a futile attempt at getting anything close to what one's  signature really looks like. Recently, a customer took an entirely different approach  which I thought you'd enjoy.

 In last week's newsletter, I described a beautiful drive to enjoy the autumnal colors of  Oregon. I had intended it for either motorcycle travel or car. It would be beautiful either  way. However, I received a query about the possibility of organizing a group  motorcycle ride of this route, starting with coffee at the shop. I had never considered  this but thought it was a great idea so if there are others out there who would enjoy  something like this, please let me know and we can try to schedule something.

Warmer temps have returned, at least for this weekend so we'll be prepared with plenty of cold-brewed coffee and teas to help keep you cool. The St. Johns Farmers Market will be taking place again tomorrow and there should be an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as some amazing salmon and sausages.

 Many thanks for your continued support. I hope you'll come share in next week's grand  opening/first-year anniversary celebration.

 Mount & crew


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Now offering espresso options!

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A big thanks to everyone who attended last Friday evening's Haute Couture Botanique. We had a fabulousturnout and it was a very fun evening. By our best estimates, we think there was somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 people who attended!
It seems there's very little to write about today after all the excitement of the past few weeks leading up to the show but, we do have some good news.
This week we added an additional espresso grinder so folks now have two different options when ordering espresso beverages. We're currently running the "Won't Get Fooled Again" as the dark espresso blend and the "Pamplona" as the medium roast blend. Always nice to have options!
I've been very busy roasting fresh coffee the past two days so we are prepared to keep you caffeinated with lots of fresh roasted, organic and fair trade coffees. Stop by and enjoy some here or to take home.
Meanwhile, keep the coffee flowing!
Mount and crew
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