Our Story

Hey there, how's it going? I'm Lisa, the new owner of St Johns Coffee Roasters. That's me in the middle, Kirk on the left and Shannon on the right. Kirk has been the roast master here for three years, and Shannon was hired before the change of ownership. She's now the store manager. I've been here since the beginning of April.

I have about 20 years of experience in the coffee industry, and own another small coffee roasting company over in Gladstone, Oregon. In the few months since the switch there have been some rumors floating around, What is real? I'd like to address those in this next section titled St Johns Coffee Roasters: Fact vs Fiction. 


Rumor: All Prices Increased

FALSE. While we did raise the price of drip coffee and do away with infinite free refills, some drink prices went down. We have one of the best deals on Americanos and Espressos around. We lowered the price of whole bean coffee purchased within the store. We dropped our suggested retail price for wholesale accounts, so now it's a screaming deal anytime you pick up a bag at New Seasons, Green Zebra, and Linnton Feed & Seed.  

Rumor: St Johns Coffee Roasters Is Going To Change Names and Be A Different Brand

FALSE. I own two stand alone coffee roasting companies, neither is changing into the other. Think of it the same way that some restaurateurs have multiple restaurants, but they are not a chain and offer different menu items from each other. 

Rumor: All The Coffee Is Different Now That There Is A New Business Owner

FALSE: Contrary to what you may have heard, Kirk has been roasting all the coffee here for the last 3 years. He was the only coffee roaster, the previous owner did not roast coffee during that time. Kirk is still here, roasting coffees the same way he did, making the same blends he did, using the same recipes he always has. 

Rumor: The New Owner Fired The Entire Staff and Hired All New People

FALSE:  Some people chose to leave during the transition. Nobody got fired, and definitely not the entire staff. Kacie, Kirk, Marie, and Shannon are all still here. The newest addition to the crew is Noah. \

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we look forward making great coffee in the St Johns neighborhood for years to come.