Our Story

St. Johns Coffee roasters was started in 2008 by Mount Burns and Julie Gebron. Mount roasted all the coffee and Julie did sales. They did local deliveries by bike around the St. Johns neighborhood and were in several farmers markets. 

St. Johns Coffee got into a bunch of grocery stores and they needed more space. Then they expanded their production into a brick and mortar on Leavitt. 

Around this time they started having creative differences, Julie left and Mount stayed on as the roaster. 

An opportunity opened up and St. Johns Coffee Roasters were able to rent the space next door to their production area and start a cafe. 

Then desiring to spend more time with his family, Mount decided to sell the cafe.

In April 2019, Lisa Halcom of Happyrock Coffee Roasting Co purchased it. A little under 1 year later COVID hit and everything shut down. The quarantines were rough on St. Johns Coffee. Sales immediately plummeted, there was no safe space to create outdoor seating with the restrictions in place. 

In December 2021 she made the hard decision to close the retail spaces and switch to online sales only.

You can still find St. Johns Coffee at local grocery stores and home delivery is still available.