The Good News!

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What a week it's been! It's been so chaotic, I don't remember what happened when. The roll-up door finally went away and we now have a plywood wall in its place until the new doors are installed next week.
The electricians have been here most of the week and just about 30 minutes ago, turned on the lights so we now have "real light". Quite luxurious!
The plumbers are here now, connecting the various fixtures. Cabinetry has been installed as have the countertops. So, while we're not as far along as I had hoped, WE WILL BE OPEN TOMORROW!!!
Barring any unforeseen disasters, everything should be operational. In the event something does "go south", we will at least be able to offer brewed (both hot and cold) and whole bean coffee.

Please come check out the new space and excuse the mess while we continue working to complete everything. We're eager to finish things up so we can better serve you.
We will be here normal hours of 8 am - 3 pm. Once everything is 100% complete, we will be open on a daily basis.
Meanwhile, please keep posted via Facebook or our web site for further progress updates.

Best Regards and keep the coffee flowing,

Mount and crew


Some good news along with some bad news.

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A couple days ago, it became apparent to me that, despite our hard work and desire to open the new space by tomorrow, there just were not enough hours to make that a reality.
Things are still progressing nicely but with the concrete in front of our existing shop having been removed, there's just no way we can pull it off.
So I made the difficult decision to close the shop this Saturday. We will all be here working in the new space, trying to get everything to the point where we can open next Saturday, or perhaps even sooner.
Cabinetry is being delivered this morning, plumbers are scheduled to be here today to connect all the fixtures and I'm hoping for the electrician to arrive to day to take care of the electrical.
That said, there still remains a fair amount to complete before I'm comfortable opening. I'm fine with it being something less than 100% at first but, I'm shooting for at least 70 - 80%.
For those of you who need to purchase coffee this weekend, a fresh delivery is headed to Proper Eats this morning as well as all locations of New Seasons Markets.
And, perhaps this would be the perfect time to take advantage of our free bicycle delivery for next Wednesday. If you live in the 97203, 97211 or 97217 and get us your order by Monday morning at 9 am,  (phone, e-mail or web site),we'll deliver fresh roasted organic and fair trade coffee to your doorstep at no extra charge. Heck of a deal!
Meanwhile, please keep posted via Facebook or our web site for further progress updates.

Best Regards and keep the coffee flowing,

Mount and crew

Coffee as an odor eliminator?

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Things are really beginning to shape up in the new space and the excitement grows. 
Last Sunday, I spent the day at Axiom Custom working on the wood for the countertops. After a few passes through the sander, the beauty we hoped for began to emerge. I'll be back this Sunday to hopefully finish things up so it can all be glued together and formed into countertops.

On Tuesday, we installed the cement board and began tiling on Wednesday. Yesterday, Christa spent most of the day applying the grout to the espresso bar. I believe once it's all done, it's going to be absolutely stunning!
This coming Monday, the construction crew arrives to begin the process of replacing our roll-up door with a new set of French doors with an awning. When it rains, it pours!
Tia will be at the Green Zebra Grocery tomorrow from 11 am - 2 pm, sampling our coffees so if you're in the area, I hope you'll stop by and taste some for yourself. We are the featured micro-roaster for the month of September and all our coffees are on sale through the end of September. 

An interesting discovery this week. Kristen Dozono, a local ReMax realtor, purchased some coffee to give a new home buyer and mentioned she had heard that freshly ground coffee can be used to mitigate foul odors.
She had a rental that had such an issue with the carpet and asked to purchase some coffee for that purpose. 
She wrote me last night to tell me that it does in fact, work! 
So for those of you with pets, small children or other odor-producing beings, stop by and pick up some of our out-dated coffee, reduced price coffee.
We'll be here from 8 am - 3 pm tomorrow, serving your favorite coffee beverages (hot and cold) along with delicious bagels and schmears.

Best Regards and keep the coffee flowing,

Mount and crew

September 15th... Really?

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The painting of the new space is almost complete but it seems like there's so much yet to do. We're still shooting for opening the new space sometime the week of September 15th but, it's going to take a valiant effort.

Our customer and friend, Quincy Kimbrell has designed and fabricated an awesome sign for the front of the shop. He came by the other evening and we worked on the placement of it. We hope to have the final version in place before this weekend.

Our first shipment of the new Pamplona Blend was delivered to Green Zebra Grocery this week to coincide with us being featured as Micro Roaster of the month. For the entire month of September, the Pamplona Blend will be the featured as espresso and drip coffees with special pricing on bulk coffee and pre-packaged 12 oz. bags.

If you haven't tasted the Pamplona Blend, I would encourage you to do so. It is rapidly becoming one of our most popular blends. Since its introduction several weeks ago, it continues to sell out each week. It's a very versatile coffee in terms of brewing methods. It excels as a pour-over, espresso, French press and also makes a delicious cold-brew coffee in the Toddy Brewer.

We'll be sampling it tomorrow along with a variety of other fresh roasted organic coffees. We'll be here from 8 am - 3 pm tomorrow, serving your favorite coffee beverages (hot and cold) along with delicious bagels and schmears.

I read an interesting article this morning about the caffeine that is a part of coffee is unique from the caffeine found in chocolate and tea. Apparently, the leaves of coffee trees also contain high quantities of caffeine and discourage various pests which ends up protecting the coffee beans.

However, coffee trees are still vulnerable to pathogens which many coffee growing regions are struggling with currently.

The big culprit right now is the "Rust" blight which has had a significant impact on the coffee production in many countries which has in part, been responsible for the increasing coffee prices.

This weekend is the 7th annual NoFest event in St. Johns, beginning at noon and going until late at night with over 90 performances this year.

Every genre of music is represented as well as a micro-film showcase and, it's all free. 

So come out tomorrow, enjoy some of the music and festivities and visit us for some REAL.GOOD.COFFEE., accompanied by always entertaining and sometimes enlightening conversation.

Best Regards and keep the coffee flowing,


Mount and crew


Some very exciting news!

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It's been a long time coming and, it ain't over yet but.... We just received word that our building permit for the storefront improvement project has been approved!!!!

There have been times when I began to wonder if it was ever going to happen but FINALLY!

Now, it's just a matter of scheduling the contractor and getting things going.

Thanks so much for everyone's support in this endeavor. I'm very excited about what lies ahead!


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New Coffees!

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There are two new coffees we're very excited about.

We received our first shipment of the Brazil Grota SAO Pedro. The samples I roasted initially were excellent but now that I've "dialed-in" the roast profile, this coffee is amazing! It's like drinking dessert!

With the first sip, there's a prominent chocolate note accompanied by a delightful nuttiness. As it cools a bit, there's a delicious caramel sweetness that develops. Think creme' brulee' In a cup.

It's also a very versatile coffee in terms of brewing methods. We've brewed it as pour-overs, drip brew and French press and have even used it as a single-origin espresso and each way, it's been stellar.

This is a medium roasted coffee yet provides a nice "fullness" to the body.

The second coffee just arrived last week and is equally amazing. It's an Ethiopian Sidamo Peaberry, dry process. This is also a medium roasted coffee and is full of berries, apricot and tropical fruit with a very syrupy body. It has a lot of complexity, making it equally versatile with regard to brewing process.

So far, we've only brewed it as pour-overs and drip brew but I'm confident it will excel as a French press and I plan to also use it as a single-origin espresso starting this upcoming weekend.

We'll be sampling both coffees this upcoming weekend so I encourage you to stop in and give them a try. The shop will be open on Saturday from 9 am - 3 pm.

We've consistently been selling out of the Brazil and sold out of the Ethiopian last weekend, the first weekend it was available.

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New coffee market bags

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Many of our customers have become fond of our coffee market bags. Shopping bags made from repurposed burlap coffee bags. In fact, they've become so popular, we sold out.


However, I just received a new shipment of these so they'll be available again beginning this weekend at both the St. Johns Farmers Market and Milwaukie Farmers Market, as well as in our shop.


These bags are designed and produced by Christa Holden who has taken great pride in designing something very functional and durable. All bags have double-stitched seams so you'll never have to worry about the bottoms or straps falling off.


There are a variety of bags available, some with short handles, some with double straps and some with longer straps so you can wear them over your shoulder.


AND, we have an entirely new line of bags which we hope to have available this weekend. They are lined and will have interior pockets so you'll have a place to stow your cell phone, wallet, etc.


Stay tuned! I just saw a prototype and am very excited!

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