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by St. Johns Coffee

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

As the weather grows warmer, most of us will be eating more salads and fruits, which is a good thing. But did you know that some produce carries more pesticide than others?

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Here's how coffee ranks - 

9. Coffee

Oh, it’s a sad fact for us coffee lovers, but this bean is one of the most intensively sprayed crops around. Why? Normally, coffee is grows on bushes naturally in the shade, but to increase production, most large coffee makers cut down huge swaths of rainforest (hello, Nestle!) and douse the beans with chemicals to grow coffee more quickly.

But don’t worry–there are plenty of ways to get a healthy cup of morning sunshine–organic coffee is becoming more mainstream as the public demands food staples with fewer chemicals. Just be aware that FairTrade does NOT mean the brand is organic–it refers only to the price farmers are paid for their work.

If you can’t find organic, certified shade-grown coffee is the next best thing–coffee grown in more natural circumstances is less likely to be heavily sprayed, and ensures your beans are not destroying rainforests.