The Beat (Heat) Goes On!!!

by St. Johns Coffee

The Beat (Heat) Goes On!!!

The heat is officially here but we are ready with tons (literally) of fresh-roasted, organic and fair trade coffees as well as an assortment of cold-brewed coffee.

Beat the heat and come in early because we will be closing at 1 pm again today, due to the excessive heat.

And if you're craving a delicious cold-brewed coffee accompanied by an amazing French pastry from St. Honorè Boulangerie or a bagel and cream cheese but just don't feel like getting out, contact POSTMATES.

Just download the POSTMATES app (POSTMATES, food delivery faster).

 Look for us and place your order for anything from cold-  brewed coffee to whole bean coffee or brewing equipment  and it will be delivered right to your door, sooner than you  can say "cold-brewed coffee".