Happy New Year Greetings!

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A very Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2015 is a great year for you.
The trend over past few years, has been to move toward single-serve coffee brewers, becoming a part of many people's homes as well as offices.
Their primary appeal is purely convenience which, I understand. However, there's more to the picture than convenience. I read an interesting article, one of several I've seen lately from various sources and they're all saying similar things.
Considering the purchase of one of these brewers? I would suggest you check out the following link:

To summarize the article:

  • The pods are much more expensive than purchasing other gourmet coffee.
  • Only a small percentage of the pods are recyclable and end up adding to what goes into our landfills. Check out the graphic to the upper left.
  • The pods are made of plastic which produce toxins during the brewing process.

If you're really interested in a single-serve brewing method that doesn't add to the waste in our landfills, doesn't involve using plastic and is cost effective, talk to us about the pour-over brewing method.

  As I've said before, the pour-over brewing method is my favorite way to brew coffee and one which we useextensively here at the shop. Not only does it result in one of the most flavorful cups of coffee but it also allows one to experience the aroma of the coffee as it's brewing.
If you haven't tried it, I would invite you to participate in one of our Saturday tastings. Each Saturday at 1pm, we sample a variety of coffees from various regions of the world. Tomorrow we'll be sampling coffees from Africa.
Last Sunday, my son and I visited GiGi's Cafe for brunch. It was our first visit since their opening and after having tasted their waffles previously, I was anxious to try something from their full menu. 
It was AMAZING! If you're looking for a great place for breakfast or brunch, I suggest you check it out. Expertly prepared fresh ingredients, reasonable prices AND, they serve St. Johns Coffee Roasters coffee. What more could one want?
A very Happy New Year and I hope you'll come experience what REAL.GOOD.COFFEE. is all about.
Mount and crew
Shop Hours: 
Monday - Friday: 6 am - 5 pm
Saturdays - 8 am - 5 pm (New Year's Day)

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New Coffees!

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There are two new coffees we're very excited about.

We received our first shipment of the Brazil Grota SAO Pedro. The samples I roasted initially were excellent but now that I've "dialed-in" the roast profile, this coffee is amazing! It's like drinking dessert!

With the first sip, there's a prominent chocolate note accompanied by a delightful nuttiness. As it cools a bit, there's a delicious caramel sweetness that develops. Think creme' brulee' In a cup.

It's also a very versatile coffee in terms of brewing methods. We've brewed it as pour-overs, drip brew and French press and have even used it as a single-origin espresso and each way, it's been stellar.

This is a medium roasted coffee yet provides a nice "fullness" to the body.

The second coffee just arrived last week and is equally amazing. It's an Ethiopian Sidamo Peaberry, dry process. This is also a medium roasted coffee and is full of berries, apricot and tropical fruit with a very syrupy body. It has a lot of complexity, making it equally versatile with regard to brewing process.

So far, we've only brewed it as pour-overs and drip brew but I'm confident it will excel as a French press and I plan to also use it as a single-origin espresso starting this upcoming weekend.

We'll be sampling both coffees this upcoming weekend so I encourage you to stop in and give them a try. The shop will be open on Saturday from 9 am - 3 pm.

We've consistently been selling out of the Brazil and sold out of the Ethiopian last weekend, the first weekend it was available.

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