Summer is just around the corner! Really.

by St. Johns Coffee

This week's big news -
  • Our coffees are now available through Amazon!!! Just click on the link below. To help get things started, all purchases made between now and July 2nd, will receive a 15% discount! Please leave a positive review with your purchase. -
  • St. Johns Farmers Market this Saturday from 9 am - 2 pm. Stop by on your way to the market and get fueled!
  • UPS just delivered our new shipment of French Presses and Travelpresses from Espro. Come check them out!
  • This weekend we'll be featuring the new Ethiopian Dry-Process Yirgacheffe as well as the new Brazilian Ondas da Mantiq and the Guatemala Santa Rita!
  • And since summer looks like it's finally coming, stop by for a delicious cold-brewed coffee or make some at home with the Toddy Brewers, in stock now.
  • And finally - we will be closed Monday July 4th so plan ahead and make sure you have plenty of coffee on hand.