How to Be Mindful With a Cup of Coffee

by St. Johns Coffee

Sometimes, the various flavor descriptions of coffees, wines, or other foods, may seem overwhelming and unapproachable.

However, I believe a big part of being able to "taste", simply requires slowing down and paying attention. No doubt, some people's taste buds are more adept at tasting nuances but for many, it comes down to just being patient as described in the article below from the New York Times.

It isn't rocket science nor should it be. It's all about pleasure.

How to Be Mindful With a Cup of Coffee

“It would seem that meditating by coffee is an oxymoron,” says Gloria Chadwick, the author of “Zen Coffee: A Guide to Mindful Meditation.” “Coffee jazzes you up and meditation calms you down.”

Focus on the sensations coming from your coffee.

Notice the warmth, the rising steam.

How does the cup feel in your hand?

When you take a sip, pay attention to the taste, the aroma.

As you swallow, feel the warm liquid.

“By focusing on your coffee — making it a special time to meditate — it can actually make you calm and relaxed,” says Ms. Chadwick.