New coffee market bags

by Mount Burns

Many of our customers have become fond of our coffee market bags. Shopping bags made from repurposed burlap coffee bags. In fact, they've become so popular, we sold out.


However, I just received a new shipment of these so they'll be available again beginning this weekend at both the St. Johns Farmers Market and Milwaukie Farmers Market, as well as in our shop.


These bags are designed and produced by Christa Holden who has taken great pride in designing something very functional and durable. All bags have double-stitched seams so you'll never have to worry about the bottoms or straps falling off.


There are a variety of bags available, some with short handles, some with double straps and some with longer straps so you can wear them over your shoulder.


AND, we have an entirely new line of bags which we hope to have available this weekend. They are lined and will have interior pockets so you'll have a place to stow your cell phone, wallet, etc.


Stay tuned! I just saw a prototype and am very excited!