New Coffees Have Arrived

by Mount Burns

Yesterday we received our new coffees from Mexico and Nicaragua.


The Mexican coffee is an organic from Quavicuzas, high up in the mountains near the border with Guatemala. It came with high recommendations and rave reviews so I'm anxious to get some roasted. Over the years, we've had a variety of Mexican coffees and have never been disappointed. With this one being from an area so close to Guatemala, I can't wait to see if it shares some of the same characteristics because the Guatemalans are consistently great.


The Nicaraguan coffee is the Rio Coco. Many of you may remember when we had this coffee about 3 years ago. It was SO DELICIOUS! We rapidly sold out of it so this time I bought, what I hope will be, a longer supply. It's from the northern border of Nicaragua, up around 5000 ft. above sea level.


I can't wait to get some of these roasted and plan on having them for this week's farmers markets.


If you'd like to special order some, they haven't been added to the shopping cart so just send an e-mail and we'll get you taken care of.