And we're off like a herd of turtles!!!

by St. Johns Coffee

I don't know about everyone else but I'm ready for some warmer, drier weather. I guess I shouldn't complain too much after what the folks in the Midwest have been going through.

After the frenzy of the holidays, things seem to have slowed down just a bit although the shop has continued to be busy. A lot of people have been coming back for items they'd had their eyes on before Christmas but which, for some reason, didn't make it into their gift bags.

The Travel Presses and Espro Presses along with the logo travel mugs and ceramic logo mugs have been top on that list of coveted  items. 

 We also did something this week which  we've never done before but which I  believe will become a new tradition. When I was taking an inventory of the  bags of coffee we had on the shelves, discovered there were a few bags  which had been there over one week.

 So we created a 1/2 price bin so people could take advantage of that  opportunity and, it's been a huge success. There's absolutely nothing wrong  with the coffee whatsoever. It's just that we like to keep the roast dates on  the shelf to be within a week.

We are currently sold out of these bags but when the opportunity presents itself again, we'll put a notice on Facebook. And, I would encourage you to stop by the shop when convenient to see if there's anything available.

Another new development this week was FINALLY finding an organic, fair trade coffee from Rwanda. I tasted some Rwandan coffee several years ago which was stellar and I've never forgotten it. However, the only coffee ever available was not organic so I never purchased any.

However, that has changed. We're expecting our first delivery of it today. Not in time for this weekend but certainly in time for next Wednesday's home deliveries. It's described as having notes of orange, vanilla, floral and is very sweet. I can't wait!

When coffee cherries are dried at the source, they're spread out on patios which are slabs of concrete. Oftentimes, we find pieces of concrete, stones, etc. amongst the beans after we roast them. We've always tried to be scrupulous in searching for these because well, they don't do anything to enhance the flavor of the coffee. :)

As our volume has increased, it has become more difficult to find each and every stone. To mitigate that, we purchased a new piece of equipment called a "de-stoner". Pretty tricky eh? Anyway, it has been earning its place in our shop, doing a stellar job of removing those unwanted items.

I think that's about it for this week. Several of us are doing double-duty due to being a couple people shy of our normal crew. Which means, I'm getting ready to head out and do deliveries. 

Until next week, take good care and many thanks for your continued support.

Mount & Crew