Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

by St. Johns Coffee

I don't know if it's just me but there seems to be this ever increasing awareness of "how time flies". For example, I've recently had conversations with people who comment on how, "just two weeks ago I did this, or that" when in fact it had been six months ago. Similarly, I can't believe we're already entering Memorial Day weekend! Holy Cow!

 That phenomena carries over into routine  maintenance activities. Which brings me to the the  topic of cleaning coffee brewing equipment. I've  heard all sorts of perspectives over the years. The  long and short of it is that coffee brewing  equipment should be cleaned regularly. This  pertains not only to brewers but grinders as well.

 Coffee oils and particulate matter build up over  time and will eventually begin impacting the efficiency of the machine as well as the flavor of the coffee. The good news is, it's not "rocket-science". The volume of coffee one grinds/brews will determine the frequency with which the equipment should be cleaned but generally speaking, for a home brewer, about once every three months should be adequate.

We sell a product called Java Kleen which is the perfect solution for cleaning coffee brewers and carafes. It's non-toxic and concentrated so doesn't require a whole lot to do an effective job and it's a quick process. For one's grinders, we sell Grindz which is a corn based product which removes all the built up oils and coffee particles from the grinder's burrs. You will thank yourself when you taste the difference in the coffee you're brewing.

The cooler weather we've been experiencing has been a great incentive for coffee drinking. It's been a very busy week at the shop. The shelves are stocked with lots of fresh-roasted organic and fair trade coffees and I'll be roasting more this afternoon. It's also the perfect weather for the long-sleeved t-shirts we have available. Hint, hint.

 A friend who finds the most interesting articles, just shared the  following article with me. It's a quick read and pretty interesting. I  invite you to check it out. 

 http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20150517-what-coffee-says-about-  your-mind

 Meanwhile, I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend.

 Many thanks for your continued support and keep the coffee flowing!

Mount and crew