Happy May Day!

by St. Johns Coffee

It's hard to believe it's May 1st already but it seems like it's the beginning of summer. Of course, it could have something to do with the fact I'm sitting in Florida where it's sunny and 80º, but... :)

I'm in Florida to attend my father's memorial tomorrow but will return to Portland Sunday so it will be a very quick trip. 

Yesterday was a bittersweet day. Things were very busy at the shop but it was also Ed's last day. Many customers have expressed how much he'll be missed and we share that feeling.

It's hard to believe he's been with us for 2 1/2 years and has been such an integral part of our group. He was always there to do whatever needed to be done and established such a great connection with everyone. We wish him and Shelley nothing but the best in their new Montana adventure.

We have a new employee who will be taking over part of Ed's tasks. His name is David Roth (no, not the singer from Van Halen). So if you see a tall guy with dark curly hair, that's him. 

Keep your fingers crossed, I submitted our application for an outdoor seating permit yesterday. As with anything in Portland, a permit is required, followed by multiple inspections, etc. It will be exciting to be able to offer outdoor seating though. 

The Costa Rica La Amistad is proving to be very popular. Rightfully so. It's delicious! We cold-brewed some this past week and it was amazing! If you haven't had the opportunity to try it, stop in and do so. There's a chance we'll be serving it in airpots and if not, we can do a pour-over for you.

 And speaking of pour-overs, we'll be  receiving a new shipment of porcelain  pour-over cones this next week. If you'd  like the capability to make pour-overs at  home, come see us for all the supplies and  assistance. They also make great gifts for  Mother's Day which is coming up next  weekend, May 10th.

We also have a nice selection of St. Johns Coffee Roasters t-shirts in both short and long sleeved options, both men's and women's sizes. 

Next Saturday is the St. Johns Bizarre and Parade. It's always a big day, bringing people in from everywhere. We'll be prepared with plenty of fresh roasted coffee and additional pastries and bagels. 

 AND... beginning that  day, we're going to  start opening earlier on  Saturdays. For at least  the duration of the summer, we're going  to open at 7 am. That will give folks a  place to begin their day before going to  the St. Johns Farmers Market which  opens May 30th and runs through  October.

Come by the shop when you're able. With the nicer weather, we're able to open the doors and let lots of fresh air into the shop.

Thanks for your continued support and keep the coffee flowing!

Many thanks,

Mount and crew