We're having a photo contest!

by St. Johns Coffee

You like coffee! You like flowers! Here's your chance to win both. Next time you're here getting your daily roast, take a photo of your beverage, or package of beans along with something botanical from Bestow PDX and post it.

Next, tag us @stjohnscoffee & @bestowpdx. Add #flowersandcoffeecontest and you are entered to wind a pound of coffee AND, a plant or bouquet, your choice. Winner will be announced May 1st! Enter as often as you like. #stjohnscoffeeroasters

Check out that AMAZING latte art created by our very own Peder!

This past week we had the pleasure of a surprise visit by our friend and coffee farmer, Sergio Dias and his nephew Pedro. They were in the area to attend last week's SCAA show in Seattle and stopped by to see our new tasting room. The last time Sergio was here, we were still operating out of just the garage.

Sergio owns JC Coffee Company from Brazil and is the source of our Brazil Grota Sao Pedro. It was great seeing him and meeting Pedro for the first time. Pedro owns three coffee shops in Brazil and I suggested we do an exchange where he comes here for a while to work and I go to Brazil to work in his shops. Sounds like a pretty good idea to me!

Sometimes mistakes have fortuitous results. Such was the case yesterday. We had two smaller batches of beans, (one being a decaf) that mistakenly got combined. We often receive requests to provide a 50/50 coffee and this is exactly what we ended up with. We're calling it "Flying Tiger Blend". Oh and yes, it's delicious. It's a blend of our Flying Squirrel Decaf and FTO Sumatra Mandheling. 

If you want the richness of a delicious cup of coffee without all the caffeine, I invite you to try this. This week we're introducing this blend for only $12.50 per lb.!

Many of you are familiar or at least have heard me talk about the Aeropress coffee brewers. For those of you who are not familiar with them, they are basically a large syringe used for brewing coffee. My initial opinion of these (several years ago, without having tried them) was pretty dismissive. I usually avoid products made with plastic.

However, I tried one and WOW! They're incredible. Not only do they produce a very flavorful cup of coffee, but they're perfect for traveling and camping. The models we sell here at the shop come complete with a zippered tote which makes that even easier.

There's a whole "cult" following around this method of brewing. Hundreds if not thousands of videos can be found on YouTube, illustrating a vast array of techniques. A friend sent me an article yesterday about the Aeropress which I found interesting and informative so thought I'd share it.


 We received a shipment of the Aeropress recently so if you feel compelled to add one to your arsenal, we have a great inventory of them as well as extra filters.

Jessica is off in just a few minutes to do an in-store demo at the New Seasons Market in Sellwood. Please stop by and try some of our delicious coffees. She'll be there from 11 - 2. It would be a perfect day to grab some coffee and go for a walk along the bike path in Sellwood.

And last but not least, our long time employee Ed, is going to be leaving us. He and his wife are returning to Mizzoula, Montana to be closer to their respective families.

Ed has been here since the early days, doing everything from bicycle deliveries to barista tasks. To say he will be missed is a huge understatement. His last day is April 30th so please come by and wish him well.

Meanwhile, enjoy this amazing weather and keep the coffee flowing.

And thank you for your continued support!

Mount & Crew