On the main stage, "Hot Schmolly"!!!

by St. Johns Coffee



The past two weeks, I've tried to touch on what makes our coffee as special as it is. The first week I talked about the equipment itself and last week I spoke about the quality of the beans.
This week I'm going to get a bit "woo woo". I believe equally important is the "feeling" that goes into producing our coffees, whether it's the roasting or the preparation of the brewed coffee. As with anyone preparing a dish or a meal, when it's created from a place of love, it somehow is always better. 
The catalyst for creating this business came from a place of love and passion and it's a critical component that goes into each of our coffees.
That said, we have a new beverage to introduce this week. Introducing, "Hot Schmolly". It's the perfect pick-me-up for the mid to late afternoon slump.
Seductive layers of organic syrup, brevè and espresso topped with frothed cream and served in a rocks glass. Delicious!
Last we began beta-testing our new rewards program and people have overwhelming LOVED it. No more need to carry punch cards! Hooray!
We've also added a couple new offerings to our selection of pastries from Fleur de Lis French Bakery. We are now offering some delectable Apricot Hamentashens and Fennel Golden Raisin scones. They both pair well with our coffees and are not overwhelmingly sweet.
Please come visit us and help spread the word.
Many thanks for your continued support and keep the coffee flowing.

Mount and crew
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