May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.

by St. Johns Coffee



People are loving now having the option of espresso blends from which to choose. If you haven't tried it, come in and let us make your favorite espresso beverage and choose the espresso you prefer.

My personal favorite has been the Won't Get Fooled Again as an Americano or the Pamplona as a cappuccino or latte. Either makes a delicious straight-shot of espresso as well.

I've written before about the impact of the K-cups on our environment. I've read two different articles this week about, 1- how the originator of the K-cups regrets ever having designed them and 2 - further evaluation of what effect they're having on our landfills. Testament to the fact that convenience is expensive.

Check the articles out for yourself -

Jessica is at the Willams Street location of New Seasons today from 11am - 2 pm handing out samples of our coffees so if you're in the area, please stop by and imbibe!

I'm often asked why are coffees are so flavorful and smooth. It seems like a simple enough question but, as with most things, there's a lot that goes into it.

One important variable is the equipment itself. All our beans are roasted in a "drum style" roaster with an indirect heat source. This results in a very even roast and inherently produces a "sweeter" profile.

The alternative is a process referred to as "air roasting" which injects a lot of heated air into a chamber that basically suspends the beans within the hot air. The result is a much more acidic flavor profile.

Some roasters use the air roasting method because the roast times are typically shorter, which is what brings out the acidity in coffee.

Our roasting operation is entirely viewable from our tasting room. If you'd ever like to see the process we use, come on in and witness it for yourself.

Meanwhile, keep the coffee flowing.

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