2015 is off to a great beginning! Ooops!

by Darius Kuzmickas

After boasting about what a great start the New Year was off to, I realized after sending out last week's newsletter that I had made a couple glaring mistakes.
I forgot to update the home delivery ordering date and I guess, failed to look at the calendar when I referenced Saturday, February 20th which is actually a Friday. Sorry about that.
So just to set the recored straight, mark your calendars for FRIDAY, February 20th from 6 - 9 pm when TedMishima and Francoise Weeks will be here showcasing their collaborative work which many of you have noticed graces our exterior wall.
Ted's photographs and Francoise's botanical creations will be on display inside the shop, featuring live models.
In the coffee world, after a brief hiatus, the Flying Squirrel Decaf has returned! If you're looking for a delicious solution in the form of a decaffeinated coffee, look no further.
The Flying Squirrel Decaf is creamy, smooth and is full of flavor. You won't know you're drinking decaf. We also received a new shipment of the coveted Mexican Chiapas and the Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima. Both of which are delicious and pair well with a variety of foods.
We continue to be very busy in the tasting room as well as keeping busy organizing the production side of the shop. 
It's extremely gratifying that people are now choosing to schedule meetings here as well as just come here and hang out with a cup of their favorite coffee beverage.
Once the organization of the production space is complete, we'll finally be able to remove the paper from the windows of the new doors! I can't wait!
And holy cow! I almost forgot! The REALLY BIG NEWS is that starting February 1st, we will be open Sundays from 8 am - 3 pm! 
Many thanks and keep the coffee flowing!
Mount and crew
Shop Hours: 
Monday - Friday: 6 am - 5 pm
Saturdays - 8 am - 5 pm
Sundays - 8 am - 3 pm (starting 2.1.15)