The Good News!

by Mount Burns

What a week it's been! It's been so chaotic, I don't remember what happened when. The roll-up door finally went away and we now have a plywood wall in its place until the new doors are installed next week.
The electricians have been here most of the week and just about 30 minutes ago, turned on the lights so we now have "real light". Quite luxurious!
The plumbers are here now, connecting the various fixtures. Cabinetry has been installed as have the countertops. So, while we're not as far along as I had hoped, WE WILL BE OPEN TOMORROW!!!
Barring any unforeseen disasters, everything should be operational. In the event something does "go south", we will at least be able to offer brewed (both hot and cold) and whole bean coffee.

Please come check out the new space and excuse the mess while we continue working to complete everything. We're eager to finish things up so we can better serve you.
We will be here normal hours of 8 am - 3 pm. Once everything is 100% complete, we will be open on a daily basis.
Meanwhile, please keep posted via Facebook or our web site for further progress updates.

Best Regards and keep the coffee flowing,

Mount and crew