September 15th... Really?

by Mount Burns

The painting of the new space is almost complete but it seems like there's so much yet to do. We're still shooting for opening the new space sometime the week of September 15th but, it's going to take a valiant effort.

Our customer and friend, Quincy Kimbrell has designed and fabricated an awesome sign for the front of the shop. He came by the other evening and we worked on the placement of it. We hope to have the final version in place before this weekend.

Our first shipment of the new Pamplona Blend was delivered to Green Zebra Grocery this week to coincide with us being featured as Micro Roaster of the month. For the entire month of September, the Pamplona Blend will be the featured as espresso and drip coffees with special pricing on bulk coffee and pre-packaged 12 oz. bags.

If you haven't tasted the Pamplona Blend, I would encourage you to do so. It is rapidly becoming one of our most popular blends. Since its introduction several weeks ago, it continues to sell out each week. It's a very versatile coffee in terms of brewing methods. It excels as a pour-over, espresso, French press and also makes a delicious cold-brew coffee in the Toddy Brewer.

We'll be sampling it tomorrow along with a variety of other fresh roasted organic coffees. We'll be here from 8 am - 3 pm tomorrow, serving your favorite coffee beverages (hot and cold) along with delicious bagels and schmears.

I read an interesting article this morning about the caffeine that is a part of coffee is unique from the caffeine found in chocolate and tea. Apparently, the leaves of coffee trees also contain high quantities of caffeine and discourage various pests which ends up protecting the coffee beans.

However, coffee trees are still vulnerable to pathogens which many coffee growing regions are struggling with currently.

The big culprit right now is the "Rust" blight which has had a significant impact on the coffee production in many countries which has in part, been responsible for the increasing coffee prices.

This weekend is the 7th annual NoFest event in St. Johns, beginning at noon and going until late at night with over 90 performances this year.

Every genre of music is represented as well as a micro-film showcase and, it's all free. 

So come out tomorrow, enjoy some of the music and festivities and visit us for some REAL.GOOD.COFFEE., accompanied by always entertaining and sometimes enlightening conversation.

Best Regards and keep the coffee flowing,


Mount and crew