The St. Johns Farmers Market Returns!!!

by St. Johns Coffee

It's time again for the St. Johns Farmers Market to open. The season begins this Saturday, June 4th and continues through November 19th.

 It sounds like it will be  perfect  weather for kicking  off the  farmers market  season. Lots of  sun (and  heat). We'll be ready  with an  abundance of cold-  brewed  coffees, teas, snacks  and  treats.


One of the most difficult realizations of the coffee business is the seasonality of the various coffees. Especially when we find those that are incredibly special and which we come to love so much. We enjoy them and before we know it, they're gone.

Such is the case with two coffees we've had, the dry-processed Ethiopian Sidamo and a coffee we've purchased directly from the farm in Brazil (Brazil Grota Sao Pedro).

However, I'm happy to report that both will be returning next week to our offering list. They represent two entirely different profiles on the flavor spectrum. 

The dry-processed Ethiopian Sidamo has a prominent blueberry note with orange, tamarind, toffee, taffy, nut, and a, soft body.

The Brazilian coffee, if anything like last year's crop, was like drinking creme brulèe. Medium roast with a wonderful caramel sweetness, chocolate and almond and oh so smooth!

We also have another new coffee from Ethiopia. It's a dry-processed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. As with the Sidamo, it's fuller in body while still possessing many of the floral notes of the washed Yirgacheffe which, we also have in stock.

Can you tell I'm a fanatic for Ethiopian coffees???

Now that summer gardening has begun, people are often requesting used coffee grounds to be used in their compost bins. Did you know you can also use them as insect repellants and wood stains. Check out this article -

Furthermore, I recently read an article where a group in Great Britain has begun collecting tons and tons of used coffee grounds from Britain's coffee shops, processing them and creating pellets that can then be used to heat homes. Check out this article -