The best way to make your mornings more bearable!

by St. Johns Coffee

The following article appears in the March 2016 issue of RealSimple Magazine and I thought you might enjoy.

 Do something fun, first thing. 

 Bad mornings aren't necessarily from  unrefreshing sleep; they exist because we  dread starting our day - dealing with our  commute, going to work. For many of my  patients, doing something pleasant at the  outset helps a lot.

You need transition time between sleep and getting out the door. There a name for it: sleep inertia. Your brain is literally booting up. So get up earlier, have a cup of coffee - it's a stimulant; it helps - and watch 30 minutes of your favorite show. Listen to a podcast or paint your nails. Do something you really like. And don't hit snooze!

It doesn't make you feel better, because those snippets of sleep are interrupted. You're better off just sleeping a little longer if you need it.

And now for the Really Big News!!!! Beginning next week, our coffees will be available for purchase in the Made in Oregon stores. We're really excited for this opportunity to spread the word about REAL.GOOD.COFFEE.

Next time you're at the airport or in one of the many shopping malls in Portland, pick up a gift box including our coffee to share with your friends and relatives. Perfect timing for Mother's Day gifts!

Warm sunny weather has meant a much larger demand for cold-brewed coffee. We're brewing more each day to try to keep  up with the demand and also brewing more iced teas for those who don't want the caffeine kick.

In other big news... we finally had the posted hours on our doors updated. No longer will one be confused by the posted hours not matching activity within the shop. 

Meanwhile, I hope you have a fantastic weekend and are able to get out and enjoy this amazing weather! We'll be here with plenty of fresh-roasted organic and fair trade coffees.

Many thanks,

Mount & Crew