Considering the bee crisis...

by St. Johns Coffee

Recently, the following article from RealSimple Magazine was shared with me and I thought it appropriate to share with you since we provide and offer for sale, local honey from P&P Apiary. 

Eco quandary - Considering the bee crisis, is it bad to buy honey.
Not at all! Since 2007, the US has lost about a quarter of its beehives each year due to pathogens, parasites, pesticides, and poor nutrition. "Buying honey helps beekeepers offset the cost of maintaining colonies and keeping bees healthy," says Christina Grozinger, Ph.D., the director of the Penn State Center for Pollinator Research.
Opting for local varieties supports producers near you, but purchasing supermarket brands is OK, too, says Becky Masterman, Ph.D., the program director for the University of Minnesota's Bee Squad, which promotes healthy bee populations. "Commercial companies are often cooperatives that buy regional honey from beekeepers," she says.
Bees are responsible for more than just our honey supply. Up to a third of our food supply depends on the work of pollinators, such as bees. So how can you help combat the loss of beehives? In addition to supporting the beekeepers by buying honey, plant flowers as a food source for bees, and skip the pesticides.
Kaitlyn Pirie
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Beginning in March, PBS will be airing a new documentary entitled Coffee: The Drink That Changed America. The story follows coffee from its beginnings in Ethiopia, through the Middle East and Europe and into America. The theme of the show is that coffee is associated with social disruption and change. Learn about coffee's evolution  from the "excrement" of the early  English coffee houses to the  artisan wave we are currently in.  Lots of history and ably and  humorously (of course) hosted by  Dean Cycon of Dean's Beans  Organic Coffee Company. Check  your local PBS affiliate for  viewing times.

 Until next week, I hope you're able to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather we're having. It has made for some amazing motorcycle commutes this past week.

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