Spring break is going, going, gone.

by St. Johns Coffee

Another year, another spring break. I hope everyone has had an enjoyable Spring break, for those of you who've been able to take some time off. It's hard to believe we're approaching the end of March already and in another month, talk will shift to the opening of local farmers markets.

It's meant a very busy week for us here at the shop. Lots and lots of people coming in to enjoy some down time and relax with their favorite caffeinated beverage. And, despite some rain, there have also been some sun breaks so people have been able to sit outside and enjoy some fresh air. 

In the midst off all the busyness this week, we embarked upon a major reorganization of our production area. Things were feeling very cramped and we oftentimes felt we were stepping on each other.

It's already feeling more spacious and efficient, which is what we desperately needed. We're about 90% completed with the remainder wrapping up by Monday.

The other accomplishment of this past week is the transition to digital roast logs. I don't know how many of you have noticed the numerous 3-ring binders that have occupied a large shelf next to the roaster?

For each batch of coffee we roast, a profile sheet is completed including notes of time, temperature, airflow, etc., a necessary part of the roasting process. However, it also consumed copious amounts of paper which has always seemed so wasteful.

This past week we finally made the switch to digital record keeping of all roast logs so the numerous 3-ring binders will be going bye-bye. A great feeling!

 More and more people have been enjoying our  new, locally-made baguette sandwiches and  hummus snack boxes. It's an easy solution  when one comes into the shop to pick up  their morning coffee and can grab a healthy,  delicious sandwich for lunch at the same time.

 Everyone in the St. Johns Neighborhood is  abuzz about this past Wednesday's opening of the University Park New Seasons Market. As with all New Seasons locations, are coffees are represented and we will be there Saturday morning beginning at 11 am, handing out samples.

In the coming weeks, look for the new, "University Park Blend", available exclusively at the University Park New Seasons Market in the bulk bins.

For those of you in the inner SE Portland area... Taryn is currently at Sheridan Fruit Company sampling some of our coffees they have available in this iconic Portland store. Stop by, try some coffee and enjoy the varied offerings of this great Portland grocer. She will be there until 2 pm today.







Many thanks and keep the coffee flowing.

Mount & Crew